I have lost KSh 5 million since the Herpes scandal: Hope Kid says

Gospel singer Hope Kid has opened up three months after a sex-scandal altered the course of his life, forever.

First, a re-cap;

In January of 2019, social media rubble rouser Xtian Dela exposed Hope Kid and DK Kwenye beat for reportedly sleeping with and infecting a teenage girl with the Herpes Virus.

The two, in screenshots that were shared widely, had meet the girl on several occasions in Nairobi for carnal pleasures.

It began with Hope Kid who later on pimped out the Nakuru-based girl to his voluptuous friend-in-arms.

Gospel Singer DK Kwenye Beat. Photo: DK Kwenye Beat/Instagram

A few months after the encounter with the gospel musicians, the girl was reportedly seeking medical attention- for Herpes.

In a conversation with Xtian Dela, she accused DK Kwenye beat of infecting her.

Now months later and Ksh 5m poorer, Hope Kid who claims that the ‘cooked-up’ expose altered his life.

In a conversation with a local media house, he accused Xtian Dela of masterminding the expose to settle an old score with DK Kwenye Beat.

He explained that the girl never had Herpes in the first place and had been coerced into lying about her interaction with the two musicians.

“In all these, I was guilty of one thing only- introducing DK to the lady. I did it as it was the most natural thing to do to a person I literally hang out with every day, kumbe it will lead to so much more.” He said in part. “None of us had herpes. Even the office of the DPP said the whole thing was a waste of time,”

Earlier last month, Hope Kid says he and DK in the company of Bishop Welly Wendo went to the girl’s home, where all parties agreed on a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Gospel singer Hope Kid now says that his expose was engineered by Xtian Dela who was looking to settle old scores with DK. Photo:Hopekid/Instagram

According to the agreement, the identity of the girl who is a daughter of a prominent businessman in Nakuru would not be disclosed to the public.

And even though dust seems to have settled on the matter, Hope Kid says he has lost deals worth over Ksh 5million since.

For starters, he was dropped by a food company in the final stages of doing a video for them.

He has also missed out on shows with promoters giving him a wide berth following the scandal.