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Here’s why Kenyans are ‘crediting’ Raila Odinga for Jowie’s release


Raila Odinga is basking in the glory of Jowie’s release, it seems.

Kenyans online have gone crazy with wild theories that Raila Odinga is to be credited for the release of Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu who had been in remand for the last few years.

Jowie was freed on Thursday morning on a Sh2 million cash bail by High Court judge James Wakiaga after filing a petition requesting to be freed on bond pending trial.

This interestingly comes after Raila Odinga mentioned ‘Jowie’s’ name three times at the burial of Mzee Daniel Moi.

Raila, while sending off the former President, lifted his famous fly whisk, waved it three times and chanted ‘Jowi Jowi Jowi’.

Jowi obviously means ‘Buffalo’ in Luo but Kenyans can’t seem to stop connecting Raila’s mention of the name to Jowie’s release today morning.

Looks like the Baba effect just can’t stop running off on people from all walks of life.



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