For Diamond Platnumz, the Reign is Over

Around three years or so ago, Diamond Platnumz, the King of Bongo, introduced to the World a boy by the name of Harmonize. And then his nightmare began.

Less than a couple months after he had been introduced to us, Harmonize, real name Rajab Abdul Kahali, immediately got down to business, dropping hit after hit with that unmistakable voice and a rambunctious flair that reminded the world of his Boss, Diamond.

Full of exuberance and unmatched energy, Harmonize took over the charts in no time, serenading the ladies with Aiyola and getting into our feelings with the seminal Matatizo.

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His songwriting skills shone with blinding brilliance and his unparalleled ability to tell stories and weave a narrative awed many.

Keen to boost his little boy, who had once flopped thoroughly at a Tanzanian music search, with the Judges laughing at his accent and sketchy singing, Diamond Platnumz got into the studio and dropped several hits alongside his newest signee.

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But Harmonize was not just merely sitting on his laurels and letting Daddy pamper him. Harmonize was slowly learning the craft from his master, mastering the ropes and soon enough, he even started sounding almost exactly like Diamond Platnumz.

His mannerisms too changed. And from his dressing to his dancing to his voice, Harmonize was slowly cloning his way into Diamond Platnumz. And it was sometimes hard to tell who was singing.

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That audacity, coupled with his sheer tenacity and crisp talent, made him one of the hottest kids on the Tanzanian music scene. And the brightest rising star from Wasafi Records.

And as he grew into the Industry and started standing on his own two feet, the man was now coming of age – His entire image changed, his body got buffier, his style got sleeker and his vibe got nastier.

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Add a few spunky tattoos here and there and the ladies were now starting to take serious notice.

By early 2018, Harmonize had now outgrown his godfather. And was quickly becoming a stand-alone star that needed no more support from Daddy.

As if weary of Diamond Platnumz and his endless shenanigans, music fans seemed to walk away from the Wasafi Founder in favor of this new nasty Kid.

Quickly, Harmonize took over Nigeria. And just like his Wasafi Boss, started bagging major collaborations with some of Nigeria’s biggest music legends.

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Anything that Harmonize was featured on became an instant hit.

He brought a mastery, dexterity, flamboyance, aura and character that had rarely been seen.

He had the midas touch. And became one of Nigeria music industry’s must sought-after collaborator.

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He got tied of being just Harmonize. And added another moniker just because he could.

He was now Konde Boy.

And just like his Wasafi Boss, who was notorious for salacious relationship drama and dating high-flying women, Harmonize decided to flavor his image by dating some of Tanzania’s most renown TV stars.

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LEFT: Harmonize’s fiancee Sarah. RIGHT: His Ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

And eventually, bagged a Caucasian girl. Just to get the town talking.

This superstar’s status was finally cemented in February 2019 when he dropped his much-anticipated for album Afro Bongo.

The album spawned the smash hit, Kainama, a collaboration with Nigeria’s Burna Boy and Diamond Platnumz.

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Many quickly noted how Harmonize was easily the star of the song. And how viciously he obliterated his own mentor in the jam.

Harmonize had now arrived. And everyone was now paying attention.

Tanzania’s media even started throwing around comparisons between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz.

Others, like Wema Sepetu, Diamond’s own former flame, even daringly weren’t ahead and publicly claimed that Harmonize had now overtaken Diamond Platnumz.

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The battle had now began. And even he himself would go on a radio show to downplay the comparisons.

But deep down his heart, Harmonize knew that his mentor’s star was fading. And that he was well placed to inherit the Kingdom.

Many are saying that Diamond Platnumz is increasingly feeling threatened by the baby he nurtured.

But Harmonize is not a boy anymore. And he is making sure that everyone knows that.

The battle lines have been drawn.