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Diamond Platnumz and his dad working on new music


Singer Diamond Platnumz may be gearing towards releasing a music video with his father Abdul Juma.

The elderly man who made his musical debut in a rather underwhelming song ‘Umeniteka mwewe’ has been riding the wave of his new-found fame as a late-bloomer.

In Tanzania where he hopes to seize musical glory, he goes by several stage names including Baba Diamond aka Big Lion aka Mzee Mondi aka Babu Tiffah.

Or you could just call Diamond Platnumz’s knockoff, but that would be mean.

Mzee Juma recently attended an interview with Global Publishers at which he revealed that he is working on new music with his world-famous son.

He claimed that a collaboration with his son is what he needed to ascend the ladder of musical success.

At the same interview Mzee Juma who recently buried the hatchet with his son, said he would not be apologising to his son, based on their age difference;

“I will not apologise to my son, I’m his father, I can’t do that, ” he said in part.

The two have had a strained relationship ever since Juma and his wife (Diamond’s mum) parted ways when the singer was growing up.


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