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Controversial gospel singer Ringtone features Azziad in new song


For the past few days the internet in Kenya has been awash with photos of controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko, popularly referred to as Ringtone and Tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya.

The photos showed the two having a good time together, seeping some glasses of milk-shake as they sank into conversation.

Then another batch of photos emerged showing Azziad ‘pregnant’, with Ringtone holding her and looking very caring.

While some believed the two were seeing each other, majority knew something was cooking.

Azziad has been the talk of time lately, and celebrities are running up and down to have her appear in their productions.

Ever since she catapulted Femi One’s Utawezana song to fame, she has been growing tremendously across social media platforms.

And now it has emerged she was appearing as a vixen in a new song by Ringtone.

The song ‘Zoea Mawe’ encourages people to soldier on amid criticism and being despised.

Azziad appears as a college student being looked down upon by fellow students.

In another scene she appears as a girl who has just fallen pregnant and has been excommunicated from the family.

It is yet another stride for the fast rising sensation.


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