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Agony for Ruth Matete as Nigerian embassy in Nairobi refuses to release late husband’s body


Embattled gospel singer Ruth Matete is yet to bury her husband close to a month after he succumbed to burns from a gas accident.

Beloved John Apewajoye died after a week or so in hospital, and Matete was at first suspected to have had a hand in his untimely and shocking demise.

However, autopsy reports showed that indeed Apewajoye died from 60% burns to his upper body a gas leaked and caught fire at their Great Wall apartments house in Athi River.

Apewajoye’s family in Nigeria allowed Ruth to go ahead and bury her husband’s remains, but the Nigerian High Commission in Nairobi is still holding on to the body.

Matete’s lawyer Robert Odanga has now moved to court to compel the Nigeria embassy in Nairobi to foot the morgue fees which is piling as it holds on to the body.

Odanga says the embassy still believes there was foul play in the death of Apewajoye despite a postmortem that involved four independent pathologists.

“It is common knowledge that the body cannot be subjected to a second postmortem because the initial exercise has already compromised the body. The toxicological test results are also out, so holding the body does not make sense, it only adds to her frustrations as a widow who is still mourning,” Odanga said as quoted by local media.

According to the Nigerian High Commission, it cannot release the body until it gets approval from the Nigerian government in Abuja.

Nigerian authorities believe the ongoing investigations into Apewajoye’s death by the DCI in Kenya may lead to something that will bring the matter to a closure.

“The High Commission wishes to state that, after the postmortem, the burial should be put on hold until it is in receipt of such directive from the Nigerian government while the mission awaits the conclusion of the investigations,” it said in a letter.

Apewajoye’s body has been lying at the Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary for the last month, even after his family okayed Matete to bury him.


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