6 Kenyan Music Videos With The Hottest Video Vixens.

For years now, Kenyan artists had been lagging behind in the music video department.

Many have lampooned Kenyan artists for investing very little in the general aesthetics of their music videos – the locations, the cars, the jewelry, the outfits and most importantly, the video vixens.

Video Vixens have universally become the most formidable asset in a music video. And getting the right ones works magic.

Afro-Pop stars like Davido, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Wizkid, Cassper Nyovest, Burna Boy and many others are known to invest heavily in not just the best video equipment in town but also the hottest, sexiest and most appealing video vixens who are, according to sources, paid millions just to flawlessly sit around and appear pretty in a video.

Luckily, Kenyan artists seem to be learning fast and quickly adapting to the demands of the market – international-style music videos.

And that’s where video vixens come in.

Lately, a cabal of Kenyan artists have gone out of their way to hire some of the loveliest and wildest girls in town. And it’s definitely working.

Here are The 6 Kenyan Music Videos With The Hottest Video Vixens

1. Khaligraph Jones and Masauti – KIBOKO REMIX

The video, which was dropped on March 20rh 2019 and shot by EOP Films, features some of the flyest girls in the City. They’re ravishing, sexily-dressed, have some great hair, topnotch makeup, dizzying smiles, sleek dance moves and an aura that appeals and blinds. They’re also super clean and match perfectly with the song, the ambience and the general mood. Their outfits too are as gorgeous as they’re jaw-dropping. Don’t even get me started on their bodies. Perfect girls for a perfect video. Big up to the video’s director, the baddest Enos Olik.

2. Ochungulo Family – Kaa na Mama Yako, Aluta, Na Iwake

The chaps from Ochungulo Family are not just great at dropping infectious Club bangers. They’re also perfect at matching the bangers with just the right girls. And because their music is meant for the streets, even the video vixens are not only plucked from the streets but also of the streets. Ochungulo Family has some of the baddest video vixens in this town. Led by their lead video Vixen, Becky, the dreadlocked Queen of the Booty, the girls from the Ochungulo Family videos have a vibe and aura that seems to have been harvested straight from the racy streets of Kingston, Jamaica. These girls got ass. Got face. Got sick moves. Got a vibe and got an attitude. They’re simply irresistible.

3. Masauti – IPEPETE

Masauti, the newest and hottest kid on the block right now, seems to be fast edging out the likes of Otile Brown from the market. Masauti knows how to drop a banger. And how to gather some of the sweetest girls for the music video. Ipepete is, according to me, the one music video that has a bevy of video vixens that can seriously match up to and rival those of any Afro-POp superstar in Africa. The girls in Ipetete have everything going for them – They’re dangerously beautiful, they’re sexy to a fault, they got a style that is mind-boggling, they can really shake that ass, they’re sleek, they’re got great smiles and have some of the best hair and makeup ever seen on any women in a music video. Ipepete, just like its name, comes with straight fire. Thanks to these blithe Queens of Booty.

4. Sauti Sol and Sol Generation – EXTRAVAGANZA 

Sauti Sol are the Kings of Kenyan music. And the baddest Boy Band in Africa. Everybody knows that. And for people with such an exalted status, you can only expect pure excellence. In Extravaganza, Sauti Sol really did go out to find the sickest girls to match the vibe. What stands out from the Video Vixens in Sauti Sol’s videos is their edginess, their colorful outfits, their chic styles, their quirky hairstyles, their  bad-assness, their flexibility, their unconventional moves and their unparalleled choreography. Plus, dang, they look goodt.

5. KING Kaka, Kristoff and Magix Enga – DUNDAING 

No song ruled the airwaves in 2019 as much as Dundaing did. And we thank God for that. What we thank God for more, however, is the fact that Dundaing was accompanied by the sickest visuals. The girls in Dundaing, led by the yummy Fatma di Banj, did their work. They looked the part. Dressed to the nines. Took time on the makeup. Bodies the video. Dropped the wildest moves and showed serious ass like nobody’s’ business. These are girls who came to shake things around. And they did shake things around. Literally.

6. Timmy T Dat and Redsan – ATEKWE

Atekwe was a real banger. Actually, it still is. And because Timmy T Dat does not play around when it comes to his girls, he did the most on this one. They may not have the allure, flamboyance and bad-assness of some of the girls mentioned above, but they sure did come to town with moves. Sick moves. A song like Atekwe needed girls that could shake a leg or two. And the glorious queens in Atekwe did more than just that. They truly shut it down.

BONUS: Otile Brown – Baby Love 

I did not want to include this on the list really. But thought I would give it an honorary mention. One, because Vera Sidika is, by now, past being your average video vixen. She’s the Video, Boss. But her flawlessness, curvaceousness, gorgeousness, hotness, sexiness and flyness in the Baby Love music video will always be remembered. She gave the video the life it really needed. And complimented the song so well, so effortlessly, she could never have done it better. Ever.