3 major news rocking Kenya’s entertainment scene today

There is nothing Femi One did’ Mejja on Utawezana lyrics

One of the biggest songs of 2020 is hands down, ‘Utawezana’ by Mejja and Femi One. Kenyans loved that song, actually East Africans, but there are just so many problems surrounding the song and the artists.

Today the new information is that Mejja wrote the whole song. In fact he says Femi just came in to repeat what he was saying.

“The song utawezana hiyo song yote I had written. I used to sing part ya dame na boy,” Mejja said. Femi One is yet to respond to the claims.

Former Maria actress Tobi on romantic relationship

Actress Linda Alexette featured on one of the most loved Kenyan TV series Maria, which used to air on Citizen TV. She went by the name Tobi in the famous TV series. Tobi, who is the best friend to Yasmeen Said, the main character of Maria series, during a Q&A session with her fans revealed that she is 30 years old. Her fans were surprised by her revelation, yet she looks younger than 30. The bubbly actress, when asked if she is in a relationship, she said: “Never been actually.” Tobi also revealed that she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Vera Sidika postpones her gender reveal party

Kenyan socialite and first-time mum Vera Sidika has postponed her gender reveal party. The party has been pushed to 10th July, 2021 which is on Saturday. Vera earlier took to her social media platform to announce the date of her gender reveal party, saying she has such an appetite.

“Feeling blue with my zero symptoms, no morning sickness & proper appetite, ”my social media in-laws say. I might be having a Boy. But sisi team girl we are still going strong. Gender reveal 3rd July 2021. Can’t wait,” Vera wrote on her IG. For 5 months, Vera had to hide the pregnancy by staying indoors until she was ready to make the big announcement.