10 nifty facts you need to know about reggae sensation Etana

Shaun MacKenzie, or Etana as she is popularly known is a worldwide superstar with her banger ‘Weakness in Me’ topping charts across the world.

But who is Etana? And what is the clockwork that makes her tick?

1. Her husband, Andre Morris has co-written some of her songs

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2. She recently moved back to Jamaica from the United states where she had lived almost all her life. In interviews, she says she realised moving up and down from the US to Jamaica had taken a toll on her and her family.

3. She first realised she had talent in singing while singing with her aunt at their backyard while washing clothes

4. She changed her maiden name Shauna because it rhymed with Etana- which means the strong one. At the time, she was looking for a name that resonated with her brand- women power and strength.

5. She worked as Richie Spice’s background singer for a year after getting introduced to the musician while working at a cyber cafe in Jamaica

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6. Before she took a proper dive into music, she was in a Miami-based singing foursome that had an oversexualised image. At times, they would perform in Victoria’s Secret lingerie, thongs and stiletto heels

Reggae musician Etana. Photo: Etana/Twitter

7. During her first show in Africa, Gambia, while getting off the stage, the crowd got too out of control she had to be escorted out by soldiers

8. She does not embrace rastafarianism because the movement’s tenets snuff out the voice of women and paints them as second class citizens.

Etana and her husband Andre Morris in a past photo.

9. Her music is a delicate balance between soul, RnB and Reggae. To which she says; not artist should ever confine themselves to one music genre

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10. Her favourite musician from Jamaica is Bob Marley, Beres Hammond comes second

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