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We wear masks to avoid arrest, not fight Coronavirus, Kenyans speak


Kenyans are some of the most interesting people the world over, if they are yet to top that list.

Ranging from their way of life, eating habits, fashion taste or even use of social media, name it, Kenyans will always ensure their say is heard the loudest.

Well, in these times of Coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been forced to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of the virus.

The move has been appreciated by many and masks are being delivered to everyone across the country.

However a section of Kenyans think the directive to wear masks is not as important arguing that they should be given food and other items as they are forced to stay at home

Several people even say the wearing of masks is just a way of making Kenyan police harass them should they be found not wearing them.

We asked them what the main reason is for their wearing masks and this is what they had to say;

Rebecca Kyalo To avoid arrest

Victor Kwanda To avoid arrests

Jimmy Kammalley To avoid giving out a bribe
George Aringo To prevent dust and arrest, why’s that Corona?
Oti Obara Depending on the environment, it’s either to avoid forced quarantine or give oneself false hope of safety from the virus.
Samwel Ogalo It can not prevent covid19 even if that was my intention, so avoiding arrest is the only remaining option
Monicah Wade To avoid arrest..I doubt if the masks we put on can prevent us from anything apart from dust
Irene GodsGlory To avoid arrest and quarantine