Is she the new Akothee? This music star is just starting but her colourful flamboyance is sure proof that she’s ready for the crown

Akothee is widely known for her flamboyance, panache, colorful character, brashness and vividness both on stage and online but there appears to be a competitor waiting in the wings…

Naiga Kenya is a Kenyan singer, born and bred in Kenya but who now lives in Norway with her young family.

What makes Naiga a paroruclar character, especially where Akothee is concerned, is her uncanny match with the President of Single Mothers.

Just like Akothee, Naiga has borne several children with a white man and even though her man is not yet known, her children betray the same characters, look and feel of the Akothee kids.

Also, Naiga is a singer of no mean repute and her song has seen her Blaze the trail and become quite the formidable name in Norway.

Naiga’s closeness in character to Akothee could probably be traced to her unforgettable homecoming where she brought the City down in a fleet of high end fuel guzzlers and, on top of it, a sleek, super long white limousine that snaked her across the city stress and left many watching in awe and sheer amazement.

The colorful singer, who regularly posts her luxurious life on Instagram, from her trips to beautiful picturesque locations to her dabbling in highend life, is far from your average upstart – she’s got her feet on the ground and seem hellbent to cause a little havoc, if given time.

In March alone, Naiga dropped Moyo Wangu and the widely-celebrated Your Love that saw her indulge in bottomless luxury and serenade many with her sultry voice.

A cursory flip though Naiga’s colorful Instagram account will reveal a woman who is undoubtedly swimming in opulence, grandeur and jealousy – inducing affluence.

Oh, and she moves around with her own security too- I’m talking uniformed buffy men and sometimes, even the Kenya Police.

Is this the girl finally ready to take on Akothee? And wrest the crown from her?

Before Cardi B, there was Nicki Minaj. Now, let’s sit back and watch these Queens battle it out.