Step out of comfort zone: Five tips on how to survive after Coronavirus ordeal

The coronavirus pandemic has seen millions lose their jobs, close shop, lose their sources of livelihood and basically stare into a bleak future.

But the virus is wearing out and, in countries like Italy and Spain, the rate of new infections has dropped down drastically and in other places, the virus has been wiped down completely.

But the Wuhan virus brought with it massive financial ramifications that continue to be felt across the globe.

How does one recover from that, FIVE quick tips on how to move forward post Coronavirus.

1. Improvise
Get ideas on how to make money. Think outside the box. Find workable solutions to make money. Step out of your comfort zone. It’s actually no longer a comfort zone after the Coronavirus. It’s a different zone. A terrible, dry zone. Learn how to walk away from it, improvise from it and work with it. Improvise. Just be new… And be fresh in your new hassles.

2. Learn To Cope
The virus came with more than just an ailment. It came with depression, stress, mental issues, confusion and immense disillusionment. At that, you need to learn to cope. Learn to understand that you are not alone. Understand that millions more are coping just like you and understand that you need to learn to cope. This will not be the time to battle demons. But the times to face them, head-on, and make peace with them.

3. Be Open For Anything
After the virus, it will never be the time to set standards but the time to settle for whatever comes along. Doesn’t matter what your academic qualifications are, this will be the time to settle, to agree to anything, to put aside your ego, your emotions and self-glorification aside for anything that comes along. This will be the time to settle. To agree to whatever opportunity comes along. And to sit back and let situations take control.

4. Be Entrepreneurial
Post-corona won’t be the time to wait for employment. But the time to go out and try anything out. Try a business. Sell cupcakes. Try the boiled eggs business. Maybe even try to hawk stuff along the highway. These are not normal times, these are abnormal times. And you’ve gotta move with them. Entrepreneurship could start small and balloon in latter years as is the case with Eng. Anthony Ng’ang’a Mwaura who started his Toddy Civil Engineering Company.back in 2002 and is today one of the biggest local movers in water and sewerage engineering. From water supply works in Mombasa, to Ruiru and Juja to Muranga and West Pokot. Most of their work may be underground (literally), but hundreds of thousands of Kenyans are affected by it every day.

5. Any Salary Is A Salary
At this time, it’s important to note that any salary anyone is offering is applicable at this point in time. Normally, you would negotiate real hard for your salary, bang your CVs on the table, tout your past work experience and create a whole scene depending on what you think you’re worth. But this is not the time. People have lost jobs by the millions. And there’s more waiting to cash in on the slightest opportunities. Be that person. And take whatever will be thrown your way. At least, for the time being. As Eng. Mwaura says, ”I ventured into engineering in 2002 when I first registered Toddy Civil Engineering as a sole proprietorship. The business had a small base of operations in Karatina, with only two employees. The business grew exponentially, necessitating that it was changed to a company…Most of the people I still work with for all those years started off quite small, with very little salaries, and a lot of hardships… They stayed along with me, watched us grow and can now sit back and smile at what they now earn. It’s the virtue of patience…”